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This page explains how an instructor may submit a request to merge their Blackboard courses, and then what they should do after the courses has been merged.

Why Would I Want to Merge Courses?

If you find yourself posting the same materials to different course sites during a semester, you have the option to merge your course sites into a single Blackboard course site.  Typically Blackboard course sites are merged for:

  1. Cross-listed courses (Ex. POSC 250 Section 3 is cross-listed with WGSX 243 Section 1).
  2. Multiple lecture sections are taught in the same time and place. (Ex. BIOL Sections 1 and 2).

If you would like your course sites merged into a single site, please fill out the form below and click Submit.

Wait for the Informal Course to be created in the Blackboard system.

Once your request has been received by OIT staff, please allow two working days to review and complete your Informal Course creation.

What Should I Do After the Course is Merged?

Once you receive an email saying that your course has been successfully merged, you can go ahead and create content for your course, but you may still see the original (separate) courses from before.  Go through the instructions on the How Do I Hide Old Courses in Blackboard? page and make sure that the original courses are unavailable to students.  You can also use the instructions to hide the course from your My Courses navigation pane on the Blackboard landing page.

If you experience problems please visit the How do I Create a Support Center Ticket? page or call the IT Support Center at x4357 (HELP).