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An overview of IT Support Center Tickets.

What is a Support Center Ticket?

A Support Center Ticket is used to report a problem with or a make a request regarding an area of our Services, such as computers, peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.), campus system accounts (email, Portal, Blackboard, CARS, etc.), or other equipment (telephones, etc.).  Once a Support Center ticket has been created, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to track the progress on your ticket, as well as communicate with Support Center Staff regarding your ticket status or other requested information.

A Support Center ticket can be created in several ways:

  1. Call the IT Support Center at x4357 or HELP (if off campus, call 240-895-4357).  Our Support Center staff will collect information about your problem or request, create a Support Center ticket, and resolve many issues during the initial call.  If your problem or request is not immediately resolved, you will be able to track the progress of the ticket and communicate with Support Center staff using the link associated with your ticket.
  2. Fill out the IT Support Center Ticket Web Form. See detailed information about filling out the Support Center ticket web form below.
What if I don't have a username and password?

The IT Support Center ticket web form is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students with a current network username and password. Other community members, alumni, or the public may obtain help from the IT Support Center by sending an email to Please use the information on the IT Support Center How-To Library page to provide the relevant information for your request or problem report.

How Do I Create a Support Center Ticket?

  1. Go to the Web Ticket Form at and log in with your network credentials.
  2. Click on the Support Center tab.
  3. Click on the New button.

  4. Choose the IT Support Center queue from the drop down list.
  5. Describe the problem you are experiencing or the request you are making in the Request Summary box.
  6. Choose the Request Type that best relates to the issue you described.
  7. Your name will be supplied automatically from your login information.  If you are making this request for someone else, click the edit button and choose the name of the person who should be contacted regarding this ticket.
  8. Provide a contact number in the box.  If it is an off campus number, be sure to include the area (and country) codes as needed.
  9. Select your role in the drop down list for Client Type.
  10. Providing your machine name in the box is optional, but can speed the resolution of your ticket in certain cases.  To find your machine name, follow the instructions here for Windows and here for Mac computers.
  11. Add additional information about your problem or request in the Comments section of the form.
  12. Click the Browse button to add an image (such as a screenshot) or other document to your ticket to provide additional information about your problem or request.
  13. Click the Save button to submit your ticket.  You will receive an email within a few minutes about your ticket that contains a link for you to monitor the progress of the ticket work, as well as to provide additional information related to you ticket as needed.


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