The Office of Information Technology at St. Mary's College of Maryland
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ResNet is one of the ways for SMCM users to connect to the internet.  Information about ResNet and how to connect to the internet through ResNet is detailed below.


Each student living on campus is provided with network access through our ResNet (Residential Network).  The services that are offered as part of ResNet include access to the internet and academic resources.  Access to SMCM email through Webmail, POP3, and IMAP is also provided.  All standard operating systems are supported, including Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux.  Students can also access their private storage space on the network server (G: Drive).  Students will need the following computer equipment in order to use ResNet:

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Network Card (NIC)
  • Ethernet Cable (Standard RJ45/CAT5)
  • Power strip with surge protection

These items may be purchased at any store selling computer items, or at the SMCM Campus Store located in the Campus Center. Students and staff will be available to assist in the setup of these items as well.

Bradford Dissolvable Agent

All computers that are connected to ResNet must be registered with the network.  The registration process can be a minor nuisance, but is extremely useful in maintaining a safe network.  Registering ensures that:

  • Only authorized users are allowed to use network resources.
  • Troubleshooting connectivity problems.
  • Allows us to quickly identify and isolate computers that may have been compromised by a virus or other malware.

Any student who registers their personal computer on ResNet will be required to have an application installed on their computer that ensures compliance with campus security standards, Bradford Dissolvable Agent (BDA).  The first time a student connects to the network, he or she will be prompted to download the program and begin the registration process.  


How Do I Register My Device With Bradford Dissolvable Agent? will provide detailed instructions on registering your computer.


Once the BDA is downloaded to the client machine and installed, it will check the student’s computer and ensure that it meets the campus security policy.  If the computer fails the security policy, it will be moved out of the production network into a remediation network. After the student has corrected the security issues and the computer has passed the security policy, it will be moved back to the production network.

The BDA does not collect any information other than what is required to verify that a computer meets security requirements.

Security Requirements

In order to be registered, a computer must have one of the following operating systems and meet the following requirements:


  1. Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista (Service Pack 2), Windows 7, or Windows 8.  How Do I Update My Computer's Operating System to Meet ResNet Registration Requirements? provides instructions on ensuring that you have the correct updates.
  2. Anti-virus with current definitions installed.
  3. Anti-spyware with current definitions installed.

Mac OS X

  1. Mac OSX Snow Leopard (update 10.6.8), Mac OSX Lion (10.7), Mac OSX Mountain Lion (10.8).  How Do I Update My Computer's Operating System to Meet ResNet Registration Requirements? provides instructions on ensuring that you have the correct updates..
  2. Anti-virus with current definitions installed. If you install ClamXav, it is not initially configured to update virus definitions automatically. Follow the instructions on how to update ClamXav Virus definitions for Mac automatically.

Gaming Console Registration

If you have a gaming console, you may register it with the network to play online!  Click here to register.

If you experience problems please visit the How do I Create a Support Center Ticket? page or call the IT Support Center at x4357 (HELP).