The Office of Information Technology at St. Mary's College of Maryland
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Our How-To Library is designed to serve as the resource for IT-related information and instructions for SMCM community systems and assets such as Portal, Google Apps for Education, Blackboard, Course Evaluations, shared drive access, software installation on campus-issued computers, etc.

Why Do We Have a How-To Library?

The St. Mary's College of Maryland Office of Information Technology (OIT) is committed to supporting the students, faculty and staff of the college to use technology effectively for learning and workplace needs.  The IT Support Center designed the How-To Library to bring the campus community the information, tutorials, and problem solving resources it needs in the form of on-demand, 24-7 access to web, print, and video resources for the use of campus technology systems.  See below for help in using the How-To Library to find the information you need!

After looking in our How-To Library, do you need some extra help? We are here for you! You can get assistance in a couple of different ways:

  1. Open a ticket with the IT Support Center using our convenient web form.
    (This option is for St. Mary's College community members with an active network username and password.)

  2. Contact the IT Support Center by phone, web form, or email.Would you like to see resources on an area not covered in the How-To Library?  We welcome suggestions and requests.  Please send email to our suggestion box at:

How To Use the How-To Library in the IT Support Center:

You navigate the How-To Library a couple of ways.  You can:

You can use the Search feature to find any articles relevant information in just a few steps:

    1. Type keywords into the search bar in the left panel to search the How-To Library for what you need.
    2. If you did not find the title of the article in the drop down, choose the question related to your problem by clicking on the question text.
    3. Viola!  Follow the steps to resolve your issue.  If you need further help, please contact the IT Support Center.


If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can navigate all the How-To Library articles.

    1. Click How-To Library.
    2. Navigate the articles listed.  You can expand the subject lists by clicking +, and contract them by clicking -.  Click on the link when you think you have found the article you are looking for.
    3. Viola!  Follow the steps to resolve your issue.  If you need further help, please contact the IT Support Center.


How do I contact the IT Support Center?

Walk in and Phone Support:

Phone Numbers:

  • On Campus: x4357 (HELP)
  • Off Campus: 240-895-4357

Fall Semester 2013 Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


The IT Support Center is located in Baltimore Hall, across from the main Library entrance.

How to Create an IT Support Center Ticket:

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member of SMCM, you can create a work ticket with the IT Support Center at any time by logging in and filling out the form at the link below. Detailed information to assist you in filling out this web form to create a ticket can be found at

IT Support Center Ticket Form

Creating Screenshots for IT Support Center Tickets:

Creating Screenshots

It is often helpful in troubleshooting a support ticket to receive screenshots of errors, pages that do not appear as they should, etc.  Attaching screenshots to your request for help with a problem can often lead to a faster resolution to the problem. For instructions on creating screenshots, see the links below:


If you are a parent or community member needing assistance, please feel free to email the IT Support Center at  We request that you include as much information about your problem as possible so that we can provide a timely and comprehensive response. Helpful information can include:

  1. Your contact information: name, email address, contact phone number
  2. Type of computer and operating system you are using: PC or Mac, Windows XP, Windows 7, Snow Leopard, Lion, etc.
  3. The browser you are using: Firefox, Internet Exlorer 8, Chrome, etc.
  4. Steps you took leading up to the problem.  This helps us narrow down the problem quickly!
  5. Any error messages you may have received.  Screenshots can be attached to the email.  For instructions on creating screenshots, see the Creating Screenshots information in blue above.